It certainly would have been useful to have collected that information, but I did not.

I didn’t and still do not have a way to ascertain body fat. Do you have an inexpensive recommendation, other than a Fitbit Aria scale?

Similarly, I didn’t track cardio or strength metrics, but I can approximate.

I know that I used to be dying after 30 minutes on a Precor elliptical at the lowest settings, 1/1 flat. I can now do 30 minutes on a fat burn program starting at 11/7 and be winded but not exhausted. If you’ve not used one of those and therefore those numbers mean nothing to you, think of it like this: I went from easiest it gets to about 50% of the way to the hardest resistance and just more than triple the grade.

When I started lifting — and I still lift very lightly, honestly; I’ve put little focus into it–I was doing 3x 10 reps of shoulder abductions (“T”s) and shoulder flexions (“I”s) at 5 lbs, among other shoulder-focused exercises given my history of shoulder injuries. Now, I’m doing 3x 16 reps of Ts and 3x 8 reps of Is, both at 20 lbs. I stepped down the reps of Is when I went from 15 to 20 lbs because it was just too painful to swim afterward. Swimming was another thing I just last month added to my “routine” when I joined a new-to-me gym that has a much more approachable and available pool.

We are the same height. I was quite portly but wore it very well, says friends and family. Most couldn’t tell a difference between me at 250 and me at 230, but they could really tell once I hit 215, 200, 195… I’m at 210 right now after some terrible holiday binging but I expect it to fall off within January 2018.

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Scholar, bon vivant, champion of the oppressed. Pittsburgh-based software engineer+architect+consultant and community builder seeking serenity.

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