• Justin Kownacki

    Justin Kownacki

    I teach people how to tell better stories. http://justinkownacki.com @justinkownacki

  • BitTorrent Inc.

    BitTorrent Inc.

    A better Internet, powered by people. More info on what we are all about here: https://www.bittorrent.com/speed

  • Mila Sanina

    Mila Sanina

    Assistant managing editor at the @PittsburghPG. Formerly of @CNNi & @NewsHour. Person behind 'The Digs' http://pgdigs.tumblr.com/. In digital I trust.

  • Adam Iredale

    Adam Iredale

    iOS Professional, Meditator, Tea Enthusiast, PWNc

  • Joe Brockmeier

    Joe Brockmeier

    Working on Red Hat's Open Source and Standards team. Music junkie, and artist-in-training. Vim lover. Fan of polar bears. Enjoys beer.

  • Joel Herold

    Joel Herold

    creative technologist. opera singer. sports. renaissance man. founder @OperaPulse. exploring the definition of artist and the role of culture.

  • Eric Williams

    Eric Williams

    Wise ass. Family man. Always looking for interesting people for enlightening conversations. Occasionally has the urge to say or do socially unacceptable things.

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